I don’t have time to do a proper quick takes (sob), but I wanted to share two quick things.

A writing opportunity:

I’m putting together a team of writers for the New Evangelizers blog. It’s a great opportunity to write about the New Evangelization (which isn’t as small a topic as I thought when I first started writing about it, lemme tell ya).

That said, I will be offline next week. As in not checking email. (Yeah, call me crazy.)

So if you email me to express interest and you don’t hear back, that’s why. But I wanted to get the word out now. Share it with the people you know and have them contact me.

Get my book free:

You still have time to sign up to get my latest book, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Birth, for free. There are a few catches (you have to write a review), but other than that