On November 18, Lisa Hendey is celebrating “Grace of Yes Day” and attempting to make #graceofyesday trend on social media.

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I have to give her credit: she doesn’t just think big, she thinks generously. She’s not promoting her new book, not really: she’s trying to make us all stop and consider what — and who — “Yes” means to us.

I’ve taken quite a few photos for this initiative. Last week, when I dropped my girls off at religious education, I got pictures of all the catechists. I was amazed at how many of them were honored that I was taking their picture, recognizing their efforts.

GOYDay catechists

I also took pictures of our parish office staff and a few of the all-star volunteers in our parish. This weekend, I plan to get some other pictures during Confirmation.

GOYDay parish

Because, for me, “Yes” is so often represented by the everyday heroes. It’s the people who are often invisible, whose efforts are both incredible and invaluable, who don’t necessarily step up and take credit (or even want credit).

GOYDay fam

I haven’t yet gotten my husband to hold the sign and smile, but I will. Because of all the people who represent “Yes” to me, he tops the list.

Who represents “Yes” to you? Will you be part of the Grace of Yes Day?

I challenge you to be part of this. You have over a week to think about it and consider what or who is “Yes” for you. You can print signs at the Grace of Yes Day page.

If you have a blog, use your words (and the resources available for you).

This is the kind of exercise that leaves us with the opportunity to be changed. Let’s take Lisa’s lead and jump in!

Yes, my girls photobombed me. And it's fuzzy. But...sometimes "Yes" ain't pretty...

Yes, my girls photobombed me. And it’s fuzzy. But…sometimes “Yes” ain’t pretty…